Days 8 and 9: Ngorongoro crater

After Serengeti, we headed to the Ngorongoro crater. This is a large volcanic area, where you can spot lots of animals. We spend there just one night and one day. If I would go now, I would definitely spend more time there. It’s very beautiful there.

The name “Ngorongoro” comes from the language of the maasai tribe. They call it the sound of the bells they use for cows, goats and sheep.

1. Giraffes on the way to Ngorongoro.
giraffes on the way to Ngorngoro crater

2. White-naped raven.
white-naped raven on the Ngorongoro campsite

3. Big baobab tree at the campsite. It was pretty cold there, especially during the night, so bring some warm clothes with you.
big baobab tree at the Ngorongoro campsite

4. A couple of lions before mating at dawn.
mating lions at dawn at Ngorongoro crater

5. Bat-eared fox.
bat-eared fox landscape at Ngorongoro area

6. Grey-crowned crane.
grey-crowned crane at Ngorongoro crater

7. Common ostrich, male.
common male ostrich in Ngorongoro

8. Helmeted guineafowl.
helmeted guineafowl in Ngorongoro crater

9. Elephant.
Male elephant in Ngorongoro

10. We were so luck to spot rhino! There were actually two rhinos, pasturing somewhere among the trees. But they were quite far away, so no close up photos for me. In total, there are about 14 rhinos in Ngorongoro crater. And despite the fact the territory is limited, it’s very hard to spot this rare animal.
Rhino in Ngorongoro

11. You can also see some flamingos there, but not as many as in the Lake Natron.
pink flamingoes in Ngorongoro

12. Great white pelicans.
great white pelicans in Ngorongoro

13. Common ostrich, female.
common female ostrich in Ngorongoro

14. Yellow-billed stork.
yellow-billed stork in Ngorongoro area

15. Black-backed jackal.
black-backed jackal in Ngorongoro

16. Cinnamon-chested bee-eater!
cinnamon-chested bee-eater in Ngorongoro

17. A couple of hippos were having some rest.
hippo in Ngorongoro

18. Warthog in the grass.
warthog in Ngorongoro

19. Sleeping lion.
Sleeping lion in Ngorongoro

20. Superb sterling.
superb sterling in Ngorongoro crater area

21. A view from above.
Ngorongoro landscape view

Stay tuned!

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