Days 9 and 10: Datooga tribe at Lake Eyasi

In the afternoon of Day 9 of our amazing journey, we headed to visit Datooga people. Well, what can I say? It’s one of the most exiting experience ever to meet people who live far away from the “civilization”, it’s like traveling back in time!

They don’t update their Facebook and Twitter every five minutes, they don’t have any modern facilities in their houses, their everyday life is simple is that. They produce handmade leather clothes and jewelry using spoons and other metal stuff they can get. And they also produce some arrowheads for Hadza people. Their kids go to village school, but not all of them stay there for long time.

Yes, they sort of entertain tourists. But being there and seen what i’ve seen makes me sure that its not just a theatre for tourists. The surrounding territory is a typical african bush with lots of wildlife around and nothing more. Few villages are thrown out here and there with one tiny local shop. And that’s basically it. The main food there is Ugali, kind of a porridge made from corn flour. I didn’t have any impression that after we left, they immediately switch from their dirt houses to some other more modern ones.

In this post i’ll show you some photos and videos from our visit.

1. This video shows the road to Datooga people

2. Upon arrival we greeted this Datooga family. From right to left: family chief, Anton, his wife, me, his daughter, Andrey and wife’s sister
datooga family

3. Besides us and our guide Jolis, you can see here the wall inside their house made from dirt and clay
inside Datooga house

4. A few pieces of tableware with Ugali
Datooga people

5. Since they create clothes made from leather, we found a dried goat’s fell
african tribe living

6. A fire site is right inside their house
making Ugali with Datooga people

7. A few water vessels
living with Datooga people

8. Then we saw these two big stones to make corn flour
making corn flour with Datoga

9. A small video of how to do it

10. Then we left house and chief’s daughter started showing me the clothes they make. As you can see the dress is decorated with glass beads which they buy at some markets. Before they used corn and other plants seeds.
Datooga people clothes

11. They let me tried the dress. I must say it was very heavy to wear, about several kilos, probably!
Datooga people dress

12. Then we continued to learn about their crafts. Mainly, they collect some aluminium and metal stuff (spoons and nails, for example) and fuse them using fire

13. While adults are working, kids are sleeping 🙂
sleeping kids at Datooga village

14. Chief’s daughter shows some bracelets she made with her mom
making bracelets with Datooga people

15. Family chief!
Datooga family chief

16. We brought some Haribo sweets for the kids and he also tried them
trying haribo with Datooga chief

17. We also brought some copybooks, pencils and pens. And here i’m painting some funny things for the kid!
painting with Datooga kids

18. Younger brother was moved to the bedroom for a proper sleep 🙂
sleeping Datooga kid

19. A final photo with the chief!
Datooga chief and tourist

Stay tuned!

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