Day 1: Tarangire National Park

Ok, let’s begin this journey!

From your starting point (usually, it’s either Kilimanjaro airport or Arusha airport or Arusha town), it takes about 2-3 hours to get there.

1. On the way to Tarangire National Park, view from the window
Road to Tarangire National Park

I really recommend not to skip this park, since Tarangire National Park is definitely worth visiting. You can see herds of elephants and lots of baobab trees. You can see various types of antelopes, even maybe a lion, if lucky. Since we were there during dry season, all the trees were without leaves, but anyway the landscape is really beautiful there.

2. Baobab tree
Baobab tree in Tarangire National Park

I would say that this park looked very quiet and relaxed, all the animals were a bit of lazy, and for the first day in Africa it was exactly what we needed. Just to get used to the surroundings and feel comfortable about safari.

3. A herd of Wildebeests
Wildebeest herd in Tarangire National Park

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My Big Tanzanian Journey!

Hey ya all! I’m back with lots of great photos from Tanzania!

It all started in May 2014, when I found a great offer from Turkish Airlines. I bought relatively cheap tickets to Tanzania for two and a half weeks in September and started to prepare my journey. I knew it would be an amazing experience, my first time in REAL AFRICA!

I researched a lot about the parks, routes, safari operators and other stuff. You can find useful info on this page. In general, many safari operators offer a few days tour mainly in Serengeti and Ngorongoro areas. But I wanted MORE (always do!). I wanted to have an unforgettable experience for about 2 weeks of safari to capture all the possible things in the Northern part of Tanzania.

To find a good safari operator is a tricky thing, since many of them operate not only in Tanzania, but have branches in Europe, UK or US. This increases the costs. Plus, if you consider living in a lodge or a luxury tent, you’ll end up with cosmic prices. I didn’t want to pay so much, plus I wanted to have some experience to live in a tent among wild animals right in a national park. Finally, I did and it was AMAZING!

I can strongly recommend you this great safari operator Bobby Camping. It is a local company run by a very nice guy Murtaza. You can easily contact him and be sure he will give you a reasonable price. He will answer all of your questions patiently and in details. And finally, he will give you a very good guide and a cook. Yes, you have to travel with a guide and a cook, like a king or a queen 🙂 These guys will be your family for the whole journey, so it’s important that you have a good connection with both of them. I was lucky to have Jolis (guide) and Faraji (cook). These two were really good at their business. Jolis was a super friendly and always happy to help with anything! Faraji was a great cook, he asked us at the beginning what we preferred (i personally eat lots of veggies, not salty and not fatty food). So every meal was equipped with fresh and well cooked veggies, delicious and healthy things. And every dinner we had popcorn!

1. Our team with Jolis
Bobby Camping Safari

2. Our guide Jolis and cook Faraji
Bobby Camping Tanzania

Regarding the itinerary, I wanted to see as much as possible in the Northern part. I not only wanted to see Big Five, but also to have some experience with the tribes like Masai, Datoga and Hadzabe. I also wanted to spend some quality time at Natron lake to see myself these dead creatures. Finally, all my dreams came true and we visited Tarangire NP, Lake Manyara NP (did a thrilling WALKING SAFARI there), Lake Natron, Northern Serengeti, Central Serengeti, Lake Eyasi (Datoga and Hadzabe tribes), Ngorongoro crater and conservation area. Of course, if your holidays allow, you may also want to climb Kilimanjaro or mount Meru, but we saved it for the next time! And finally, we landed on Zanzibar island to have some relaxation time.

But besides organizing your itinerary with safari operators you need to think about what to pack far in advance! To prepare my Tanzania packing list with all the essentials I used VacayKit.

So in this post i’ll show you a few pictures from every place. And then i’ll post a series of posts with photos and details about every park we’ve been to.

Enjoy! And go to Tanzania, really!

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Sri Lanka: Adam’s peak, Tangalle and Mirissa

I fell in love with Sri Lanka. This country offers so many things to do: wildlife watching, surfing, historical sightseeing, significant religious spots, spectacular wild ocean views… In this post I’ll share with you some photos from Adam’s peak and Tangalle and Mirissa areas.

To fully prepare for your trip to Sri Lanka, you can use VacayKit. There you’ll find lots of useful information on what to pack for Sri Lanka and other countries.

If you enjoy hiking, a nice place to visit is Adam’s peak (7359 feet / 2243 meters) – an isolated peak in the forested Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. Best time to visit is from December to May, but April is the peak period for pilgrims.

The quote is taken from here.

The mountain has religious significance for several religions, owing in part to a rock indentation on the summit that is shaped like a large human foot. This was said by early Christians to be the footprint of Adam, a belief inherited by Moslems when they assumed rule of the island. Later, Buddhists said the indentation was the footprint of the Buddha, and Hindus said it was the footprint of Siva. With all these traditions finding religious reason to respect this mountain, it is not surprising that it is visited by thousands of pilgrims each week, and has been for over two thousand years. There are 3,306 steps leading to the summit from the town of Dalhouse, and vendors sell refreshments and other goods along the trail. The trail from the southeast has no steps, but it too has trail vendors, and both trails have streetlights all the way to the top for those seeking a night hike in comfortable temperatures. The summit footprint is now enclosed by a shrine that is inhabited by Buddhist monks.

The starting point is a village called Dalhousie which is about 3 hours from Hatton town (and neared train station). There are some hostels/hotels available, all are about of the same quality. If you come just to climb the peak, you will only need one night of accommodation, so it does not really matter where to stay. You better start your trail at about 2 am since on the way there will be many people. Stairs in the upper part are very narrow and it becomes a very crowded upstairs. On the top of the peak there is a platform where you must take your shoes off, so bring thick socks, it’s really cold there.

1. Adam’s peak sunrise
Adam's peak sunrise

2. People at Adam’s peak
Sri Pada people

3. Adam’s peak landscape
Adam's peak landscape

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Macun Lakes

I visited Zurich for conference and wanted to do a one day easy climbing trek on the weekend. Browsing through various national parks, I finally found this beautiful spot, called Macun Lakes. I started from Zurich main train station early morning and came back evening on the same day. Go to the Swiss Railroad website to check the timetable. It takes about 2.5 hours to get to a small and lovely town Zernez. Upon arrival you need to find the office of Swiss National Park, just follow the pointers from the train station. There you get a detailed map and start your trek.

Enjoy your virtual walking!

1. Zernez town church
Zernez town church

2. Zernez, starting point
Zernez view from above

3. In the cloud
Macun lakes trek

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