If you’re visiting Malaysia and searching for a few days getaway, Tioman island is a perfect place! A very beautiful wild tropical island completely covered with rainforest. You can enjoy there some activities like jungle trekking (there is one road across the island), surfing, snorkeling and diving (only during season time) and just walking around and watching some wildlife.

1. Juara Beach is famous for surfing and turtles project
Tioman Juara beach

2. Berjaya Beach resort
Tioman beach

3. Fight between two giant lizards
Tioman giant lizard

4. Grasshopper
Tioman grass hopper

5. Monkeys are everywhere begging for food
Tioman monkey

6. Tekek village
Tioman boats

7. Typical household in Tioman
Tioman house

Tioman life

You can make a nice trek across the island from Tekek to Juara beach. It takes about 3 hours. Don’t forget to bring some water and high protection sunblock. On the way you’ll enjoy some flora and fauna of the rainforest.

9. Durian fruit
Tioman durian fruit

Tioman rainforest

11. Kids in Juara village
Tioman kids

12. Juara beach
Tioman Juara beach pier

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